Boy Tweets About His 85 Year-Old Grandma’s Google Search And It Goes Viral

It’s safe to say that life today is very different from when our grandparents were growing up. How they survived without iPhones, Snapchat and Instagram filters we will never know…;

Whilst some granny’s can be totally on-trend with today’s gadgets and know all about the world wide web, others haven’t quite caught up yet.

Our grandparents do an easy job of being adorable all by themselves, but this boy’s recent tweet shows his grandmother being completely endearing in a whole new way.

When Ben John went to use his Nan’s laptop, he discovered she had left it open on her latest Google search, and what he found will totally melt your heart.

granmda funny google search

Ben wrote: “Omg opened my nan’s laptop and when she’s googled something she’s put ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. I can’t.”

When using Google, Nanna May had used her old-fashioned manners and politely asked for help using please and thank you, something we know millennials definitely don’t do!

We’re not sure if she thinks Google is a person, but she clearly felt like she had to show some gratitude for the web search engine helping her out with her roman numerals – how cute?

Her 24 year-old grandson Ben from Wigan, England, found it so adorable he couldn’t resist taking a picture and sharing it with his followers.

Since then it has had over 8k retweets and 12,100 likes, showing just how popular Ben’s grandma is with the Twittersphere.

Ben’s followers absolutely loved his story, and he even admitted to one that he asked his nan why she was so polite when using the search tool:


Well, why can’t it be the norm? We all know we would be lost without Google’s ability to answer all of our life questions.

At least Nanna May knows how to use Google, we bet some grandparents don’t even own a laptop. We’ll look out for her on Twitter now she has found social media fame!