15 Fitness Mantras to Maintain a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

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A new year gives me the opportunity to make changes in my life. However, I always find myself no better off than I was the year before. I am dedicated to making my resolutions come true and sometimes I make it; and sometimes I don’t. Sticking to a healthy and active lifestyle is one goal I’m never able to fully accomplish and it’s so disappointing. If I was actually going to conquer all of my resolutions, I had to figure out what I was doing wrong.

After doing some research, I finally realized that my process to achieve these goals were never realistic. Not only did I create this huge milestone for myself, it was unattainable because I try to fit all my resolutions into the first few months. By March, I was already burnt out, and by summer my resolutions are long forgotten. I just gave up.

I made a lot of mistakes and I told myself that this will be my year to right my wrongs. Instead of some big lofty goal, I started making small realistic goals. By focusing on the smaller things it can add up to make a huge impact on my overall health and happiness.

Below are 15 micro-resolution mantras that are helping me live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Stay Moving

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1. Write down your goals: I do this because it has been the most effective way to accomplish my goals. It’s a great way to help you figure out the exact steps to get there.

2. Head to the gym 3 days a week: I get some cardio in for 35-40 minutes and then strength training afterwards. I do this about every other day.

3. Take a yoga class 3 days a week: I really love yoga because it helps strengthen different parts of my body, relieves stress, and creates the best posture and balance of my life. I do this in between my gym days.

4. Try something new: Staying active is key, but it’s a lot easier when you don’t stick to the same routine. I might go for a run instead of going to the gym or try a new dance class if I’m not feeling up to doing yoga. Lately, I’ve tried Zumba a few times and it’s a lot of fun!

5. Get a little help: A lot of people workout alone, myself included. Sometimes it makes sense to workout with a partner especially when I want to squeeze more out of every workout I do or need a bit of motivation.

Eating Well

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6. Stop counting calories: I used to count calories, but I don’t anymore. It just sucks the joy out of eating. I would take the less tasty entrees because it had lower calories and afterwards I never felt satisfied which made me eat more. Now, I focus on eating fresh, whole foods like including more fruits and veggies in my meals.

7. Include Probiotics into your diet: Having a cup of yogurt is one of the easiest ways I like to incorporate probiotics into my daily diet. I’ll add it to my smoothies or have it as a snack. I currently love Dannon Activia Fruit Fusion Lowfat yogurt. It’s a new, delicious and modern yogurt from Activia® that I started eating once a day. It has calcium, and vitamin D and contains the exclusive probiotic Bifidus Regularis.

It comes in 4 different flavors: Blueberry & Blackberry, Peach & Mango, Strawberry & Raspberry (my fave), and Cherry & Vanilla. I like the delicious fruit combinations especially the Strawberry & Raspberry flavor. It’s my favorite post-workout snack!

8. Stop drinking: I’ve done a pretty good job avoiding happy hours and certain social situations. If my friends are planning to stop by a bar, I usually ask them to hang out with me before they visit one.

9. Cook more: I was never a big cook, but that all changed when I was introduced to Pinterest. The more foods and recipes I pinned, the more I wanted to make them. Now I do and I love it! I also created a “Stay Fit” board on the site to help me discover cool new recipes.

10. Treat yourself every once in a while: I try not to deprive myself so I treat myself 1-2 times a week to chocolate dipped strawberries or caramel nut popcorn.

Personal Growth

11. Get better sleep: When I’m not getting enough sleep, it affects me the next day. It can affect my judgement, productivity, and even hamper my health over time. So, I started establishing a better bedtime routine and I stick with it every night – including weekends!

12. Reduce stress: Stress reduction is an important part to a healthy lifestyle. To manage it, I stay active, get good sleep, do some self pampering (I love a good mani), and most importantly – have fun!

13. Gain confidence: Staying fit is not the only positive outcome from my goals. As I become more active, my confidence gets a little boost.

14. Drink more water: Drinking 8 glasses of water day is a challenge for me; but, I do try to drink as much water as I can especially before and after a workout. Drinking water makes me feel full longer and less fatigued. I also see a boost in productivity!

15. Be happy: Smile and give yourself a pat on the back for wanting to make a difference in your life and better yourself. Focus on the smaller things, instead of one huge milestone, and let that have a lasting overall impact on your happiness and health.

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