Celeste Barber – The Hilarious Woman Behind The Viral Instagram Account

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We all follow our favorite celebs on Instagram. Sometimes we even follow people we hate on Instagram. Why? I guess just to keep our eye on them. You know what they say — keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Either way, we see a lot of pictures of celebs on a daily basis. And even though Instagram is meant to be a friendly, low maintenance way of keeping up with your favourite celebs, and those pictures are meant to be real, apart from a cheeky filter, it’s not a secret that many celebs photoshop and heavily edit their Instagram snaps.


There’s only one ‘I’ in selfie, Kris

Stockings, heels, bikini, yoga

I’m funnier than you.

Chillin at the beach with the family, some wine, a camera crew and a drone

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