Hot Ladies Want You To Try Their Bubble Tea and Are Going Viral For Their ‘Business Strategy’

There’s a new craze going on in Taiwan and is slowly spreading all over the world thanks to globalization. I’m looking at you Internet.

The unique packaging of the delicious bubble tea enhances the visual of the beverage and of course, being human, we couldn’t help but be drawn to it.

I mean, just look at it!


Knowing that presentation is key, the business owners leveraged on two busty ladies to promote them. Well, they were smart about it because it was an instant hit to virality!

Mmmm.. bubble tea!


It isn’t surprising that businesses are employing hot workers to drive in customers. In fact, Taiwan is pretty well known for their trend of having hot workers. If you missed out on catching good looking people who worked in the markets of Taiwan, read it here.

Although there has been many hot workers spotted throughout Taiwan from time to time, and them ending up into viral stories, the business strategy of ‘sex sells’ doesn’t seem to be slowing down.



Some people were appalled at the young ladies for using their own bodies as a promotional tool. While others took it more lightheartedly and laughed at the strange yet blunt strategy to attract people to buy the new light bulb milk tea!

Ready to be served?