Kanye West Is The Vicitim Of The Latest Viral Meme And It’s Hilarious

No one wants to be the target of a viral meme and see their face photo-shopped into hilarious situations.

Even the world famous rapper Kanye West couldn’t avoid becoming the latest meme to storm the internet, and we have to say it is pretty funny!

During a shopping trip last week with his famous friends John Legend and Chrissy Teigan, it seemed Kanye was feeling a little sleepy.

Proceeding to take a quick snooze on the chair in a department store, Kanye was left vulnerable to photos he was totally unaware of.


When his glam wife Kim Kardashian-West spotted him napping next to his daughter North, she couldn’t resist taking a picture and letting all of her Instagram followers see.

The reality star posted, ‘so today we went baby shopping with [John Legend] & [Chrissy Teigen], Kanye & North were a little too quiet. We found them passed out in the middle of the store.’

Since Kanye’s wife got one over on her husband, the internet have not been able to leave the hilarious snap of him sleeping alone.

With even a whole entire Reddit thread dedicated to the pic, which started out as ‘bae caught me slippin’, there has been tons of editing and Photoshop work to put the rap star in other totally hilarious backgrounds.

From Yeezy pizza:


to Kanye becoming part of ‘Dreamworks’:


And even putting the rapper back in the wild wild west:


But we are pretty sure the star will quite like this one, lots of Kanye’s at once!


The internet has thoroughly enjoyed messing around with Kanye’s sleepy picture, we bet he won’t let Kim catch him ‘slippin’ again!