Bodyart by Johannes Stoetter: Inspired by Nature

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What do you see on the picture? Is it a frog? Are you absolutely sure? If you have a closer look you will see a man…five people actually, with amazing body art, brought together on the photo to create the illusion of a tropical frog. Thats what Johannes Stoetter is famous for. The artist imitates nature creating wonderful images with the help of human bodies and body paint. To understand the idea of the artist you have to immerse into his work, paying attention to details and feeling the atmosphere he wants to create. Here are several secrets that help the artist to give birth to his live masterpieces.

Body Art As Big Passion
The Frog Bodypainting Project by Johannes Stotter / Meinhard Niederstatter
Thats actually the words of the artist himself he is passionate and dedicated to his art. Thats what makes each of his works so unique and full of expression. Johaness started experimenting with body art as early as 2000, and in 2012 he won the title of World bodypainting champion.

The Artwork Comes Alive
The most complicated part of the artists work is planning. It takes up to 5 months to plan the painting and then about 5-8 hours to bring it to life. It is also harder to work on real people instead of canvas. But it is also the part that adds excitement to the artists works. Bodypainting is special because the artwork is alive and can move. says Johannes.

Bodyart by Johannes Stoetter Inspired by Nature 3

Bodyart by Johannes Stoetter Inspired by Nature 4
If you want to go behind the scene and see the process of his body art creation check out the video:

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