How to Get Healthy Hair: 14 Steps

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How to Get Healthy Hair - 14 StepsWell, girls. Making your hair stunning is a tough topic, right? It’s not a secret for anyone that gorgeous hair attracts attention, makes us look more beautiful and shows that we are healthy. I honestly envy girls with beautiful thick hair, but I understand that it takes a lot of time, a strong will and constant efforts. As spring approaches all my girlfriends are facing the same problems with their hair. So, we’ve decided to do some research on what exactly might help solve the hair issues and make us, girls, feel more confident with gorgeous healthy hair.



1. Choose perfect shampoo1. Choose perfect shampoo

Shampoo – is, first and foremost, just detergent, it does not make the hair soft and silky (in spite of all the hyped advertisement). Its active ingredients can protect hair from the harmful effects of chlorinated water, but basically the main purpose of shampoo is to wash out the dirt and grease accumulated since the last time you wash it.



When choosing a shampoo consider your scalp type. It is also desirable that it doesn’t contain any parabens and fragrance agents. A good shampoo produces little foam and has a transparent liquid consistency; it is less harmful to the hair.
It is better to wash your hair at least two, or even three times. The first time you wash off  the hair surface all the dirt and dust, the second time – the grease that oil glands have produced. The third washing should depend on how much oil your scalp produces and goes into your hair. More oil, do a third wash. Make foam on your hands and then distribute it through the full length of your hair. Next, massage your head with fingers (not nails) for 3-5 minutes to improve blood circulation.




2. Hair balm and conditioner2. Hair balm and conditioner

Balm and conditioner make hair smooth and eliminate static electricity. Thanks to them, the hair is easier to comb and to style. Useful components of these aids repair minor damage, and create a protective barrier against environmental influences. They also give hair shine and silkiness.



Studies have shown that a balm contains fats and oils in a higher concentration than a conditioner. That is why the balm is more suitable for dry, damaged hair, but conditioner – for oily. Unlike shampoo, these agents should be selected not only according to the scalp type, but also to the problems associated with the hair.
Balm or conditioner should not be applied to the scalp, it will cover it with oily membrane and break the power of hair, as a result, it becomes brittle and dull. So, apply them with massaging movements along the entire length, 5-7 cm from the roots of the hair, then you need to leave it on for 15! minutes (not 3-4 as they say on the package), and then rinse thoroughly.



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