How to Say Goodbye at a Party

%image_alt%%image_alt%Last year, we threw a holiday party, and fifty friends squeezed into our teeny apartment. We drank sparking wine, ate kettle chips and climbed onto the fire escape to tell stories. Everything was going well, but then something started happening…

For the entire second half of the party, polite friends kept coming up to say goodbye as they put on their coats and wished us a happy rest-of-the-weekend. For the entire second half of the party, most of our conversations were goodbyes. Finally I turned to Alex, perplexed, and asked, Why is everyone leaving? And he pointed out that dozens of people were still there; it just felt like a mass exodus because we were consumed with saying goodbye to every single person who was heading home. It felt like the party was over halfway through.

The next morning, we made a decision: We would never say goodbye to the hosts of parties. We would simply slip out the door.

Goodbyes are, by their very nature, at least a mild bummer, agrees Seth Stevenson in this Slate post, and he encourages people to leave parties without saying goodbye. What if your friends wonder where youve gone? This is key, he says, They probably wont even notice that youve left. You can then send a thank-you email to the hosts the next morning.

Would you do this? Do you already? Or do you think its rude? Would love to hear your thoughts…

(Via Kottke)