Our five holiday traditions

After writing about our new holiday ritual for Toby, I was really inspired by everyone elses holiday traditions. So we decided to nab four… 🙂

1. Many readers said their families eat a specific dinner on Christmas Eve every year. One readers family makes grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Another readers family bakes homemade pizzas. My moms friends family has Champagne and shrimp. I love the idea of having a Christmas Eve dinner tradition. Last year, my dad happened to make grilled salmon, followed by these chocolate lava cakes. So now hes doing it again this year:)

2. A reader named Jenny shared this magical tradition: Every year, my mom, my sisters and I would pick a night and sleep under the Christmas tree. Wed pull out sleeping bags, drink egg nog and talk about our favorite memories. Then wed fall asleep under the twinkling lights and shiny ornaments. How cute is that? When Toby is old enough (five? six?), Id love to start this one.

3. A bunch of readers said they got new pajamas on Christmas Eve. Im 22 years old, and I STILL get pjs from my grandparents! said a reader named Olivia. (And remember these three cuties?) So we decided to get Toby a new pair for tonight.

4. Finally, I loved the idea of giving your child a special ornament every year. Im now 27, and my Christmas tree is full of memories from when I was little, said a reader named Jessy. Tobys first ornament is this one, below, featuring his little profile from these beach photos, made by Lasso Creations.

5. Plus, well be doing our angel chimes…

Thank you so much for the inspiration, you guys! Happy holidays!!!


(Top photo of my brother, sister and me one Christmas morning)