Hands-On Exercise Tip How to Do a Plank


Are you tired of having a flabby midsection? Do you hate doing sit-ups? Maybe your back hurts from sitting all day. What if you could strengthen your back and have great-looking abs all by doing just one exercise a few times a week?

Planking is the answer. Nikes fitness director says that planking can tone up your abdomen better than a thousand sit-ups. A strong midsection will help your back be pain-free. Kimberly Dawn Neumann at Real Simple shared this post about how to do a plank.

Its like a push-up without the up and down, but it still tones your arms! The included illustration will show you how to plank the proper way to avoid injury and get maximum positive results. Learn how you can shape up to get those sexy abs today when you click the link below.