Whos Your Celebrity Crush?

The website Reddit sometimes hosts famous people for an hour and lets readers ask them anything. So far, Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Murray were great, and yesterday George Clooney showed up. And he was hilarious.

I loved Esquires recent description of him:

He is fifty-two years old. He is wearing a black hoodie zipped to the neck, blue jeans, and boots laced so assertively they squeak when he flexes his ankles. He has a long neck, upon which his long head, adorned by long ears, wobbles like a tulip. Everything is to scale with him. Many people have long eyelashes; he has lashes as long on the bottom as they are on the top. His eyes look like theyve been caught by Venus flytraps. He is going gray, yes, but if you took a population sample of his hair, there is no doubt that any analysis would reveal that the numbers of black and gray hairs are evenly distributed and have achieved equipoise. He has recently showered, and a careful modicum of product lifts his hair off his forehead. He has surprisingly fine hands. He smells like soap.

Clooney also plays pranks on his friendshe once hired a tailor to secretly take in the waistline of Matt Damons pants by an eighth of an inch every few days. But for some reason, although every woman I know has a crush on Clooney, and while Id love to be friends with him, Ive never found him that attractive. (I think maybe hes just too cool; I like dorky side to my men:)

So Im curious: Whos your celebrity crush these days? Clooney? Its one of lifes important questions, of course.

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(Photo by Martin Schoeller)