50-Year-Old Man Cures Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil, Stuns CBS News

Here is the story of a man who has cured his ‘incurable, inoperable’ lung cancer using a combination of chemotherapy and cannabis oil.

Darren Miller (50) is from Illinois, and was diagnosed with ‘incurable, inoperable’ lung and pericardial heart sac cancer. The doctors told him he has a year to live and he could choose to undergo chemotherapy and try and prolong his life.


One of the deadliest types of cancer is lung cancer, since the survival rate of this type of cancer is very low. Patients who are diagnosed with stage IA non-small cell lung cancer have less than 50 percent chances to survive. As the cancer progresses, the chances lower dramatically, and in the stage IV, the patient has a 1% chance to recover.

Darren decided to undergo chemotherapy and supplement this treatment with cannabis oil. He hoped that this will help him stop the cancer from growing and eventually get rid of it completely.

Darren read a lot about the benefits of cannabis oil and saw hundreds of other people’s personal testimonies of healing the disease, so he decided to give this treatment a try.

Darren’s wife quit her job so that they can qualify for medical help, and they had to move to California, as California is one of the few places one can get this controversial treatment.

Seven months later, Darren has been officially proclaimed cured and has the complete hospital documentation to prove that.

Here is what he stated for the CBS News: “now, seven months later, I can tell I am completely cancer-free, without remission. I beat the disease thanks to cannabis oil as well as chemotherapy, since I did both.”

Darren and his wife returned to Illinois again once he was cured, and now, he runs there a ‘compassionate cannabis’ program in order to help other people who are fighting cancer as he was.

He claims that he makes small quantities of this miraculous oil so that he keeps it around and to help people to become educated on how to make it and do the whole treatment. He offers to teach people who have access to any type of cannabis how to prepare the oil in their own kitchen and thus save their life. He owns a site where he can provide anyone with the links that will show them the instructions.

One can find numerous other stories of cannabis oil helping cure not just cancer, but other diseases as well, diseases that the conventional medicine has no cure for. As many other people do, Darren also believes that there is hope for a number of stories in the years to come.

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Source: www.organicandhealthy.org