Daddys Boys

How is your week going? To be honest, weve had a few ups and downs. Overall things are good, but sweet little Anton has started grunting (!) in his sleep, and since we share a room, Im basically averaging 3.5 hours of sleep a night, broken up into half hour chunks. Consider me totally exhausted. Did your babies ever grunt in their sleep? Our pediatrician reassures us that its normal, but holy smokes, its not ideal.

But during waking hours, things are great. One sweet thing Ive loved watching: Our two little boys are totally enamored with Alex. Anton gazes at him, awestruck, like in the sweet photo above. And Toby thinks hes a total hero. Tobys favorite thing of all time is when Daddy takes him to an Indian restaurant in the East Village. They sit quietly together at a table and watch two men play Indian instruments, and it has become a Sunday ritual. In the video below, I interviewed Toby about their dinners, while my sister (whose husbands family is from India) filmed with her phone…

P.S. I just have to remember: Babies be babies. 🙂 Also, 8 confessions of a new dad, and what marriage means.