Do You Get Jealous?

I usually dont get too jealous, but…

…instead of worrying about Alexs current female friends, the one thing that can drive me weirdly nuts is imagining him with his past girlfriends. I picture them watching movies and cooking tacos on Sunday nights. I envision his girlfriends making jokes and him laughing. I picture them reading in bed. Aaarg.

I mean, at one point, he actually loved each one, right?

Then I just chill out because now were in love, so who cares? But now and again, Ill get a masochistic streak and ask him questions about them. Over dinner, Ill affect a breezy tone and ask, What was your first date like with Nora? or Did Lacey come to your familys house for Christmas? I always think I want to know, but, no matter how innocuous his answer is, I always wish I hadnt asked.

Well, artist Leanne Shapton was curious about this type of backwards jealousy, so she wrote a compelling illustrated book about peoples ex-girlfriends. I love how each illustration has a quote about the woman, a snippet that the current girlfriend has probably heard from her boyfriend that drives her nuts.

Here are a few funny examples….
The book makes me laugh…it rings so true!

Im curious: Do you suffer from backwards jealousy, too? What tidbits do you know about your partners exes?

P.S. Do you have friends of the opposite sex? And how long do you wait to sleep with someone?

(FYI: This topic was brought up on Glamour five years ago, and I wanted to write more about it now and show you guys this book)