Feminist Stock Photos

Stock photoswhich come from image databases and are often used in advertisements or magazine articlescan be painfully outdated and limited. Youll find lots of photos of women cleaning their houses and laughing alone with salad. If you search for women and business, you might find a photo of a woman climbing a ladder with a briefcase and shoulder pads. The photos often feel like caricatures.

Sheryl Sandbergs organization, Lean In, wanted to change that, so shes working with Getty Images to add thousands of new photos to their image databaseincluding photos of women running meetings, girls at computers and men with their kids. She wants to represent women and families in more empowering ways and stop perpetuating gender stereotypes, according to the New York Times.

How fantastic is that? I love the photos above, and here are four more…

That last one rings true to me:)

P.S. Reminds me of the fantastic tumblr, This is what a scientist looks like. And my own series on work/life balance, if youre interested.

(Photos from Getty Images, via The New York Times)