Advice From My Mom

Back in high school, my friends would come to our house, sit at our kitchen table and ask my mom for advice. She gives warm down-to-earth feedback and is a genius at seeing the bigger picture. Now and again Ive shared advice shes given me about things like pregnancy, authenticity, motherhood and relationships. She says things like, Take gentle care of yourself, shes read every Jane Austen novel, and the only vocabulary word that ever stumped her was friable.

So! I figured it could be fun to start an advice column, where you can ask my mom anything. If its a real stumper, we can scout out experts to weigh in, or Ill offer some ideas or we can all leave comments with our thoughts. I love girl talk and figured this could be an awesome way to do it. Feel free to ask anything about relationships, friends, career, family, parenting, worries, fears, hopes, dreams…whatever is on your mind!

Just write to, if youd like, and well choose a few to feature in the next week or two. Thank you so much! xoxo

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