11 Babies That Have An Unbelievably Uncanny Resemblance To Celebrities

These babies have no blood relation to the following celebrities, yet their resemblance is so strikingly similar that you would be forgiven to think that they are somehow related (or perhaps even childhood photos of the celebrities themselves!)

We think some of them should have DNA testing though, just to be sure…

#1. Jay Z

1.) Jay Z

#2. Chris Farley

2.) Chris Farley

#3. Elvis Presley

3.) Elvis Presley

#4. Ian McKellan (as Gandalf)

4.) Ian McKellan (as Gandalf)

#5. Brian Baumgartner

5.) Brian Baumgartner

#6. John Legend

6.) John Legend

#7. Vladmir Putin

7.) Vladmir Putin

#8. Robin Williams (as Mrs. Doubtfire)

8.) Robin Williams (as Mrs. Doubtfire)

#9. Wallace Shawn

9.) Wallace Shawn

#10. Tiger Woods

10.) Tiger Woods

#11. Bill Maher

11.) Bill Maher

Once they get the hang of walking, these babies totally need to form a baby-celebrity-lookalike club.