Chinese firms interested in wind energy projects

KARACHI: Chinese companies on Tuesday showed interest in investing in wind energy projects.

A 14-member delegation led by Vice Mayor of Ghangyi City Tao Jianxing met Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) Director Projects Abdul Azeem Uqaili and other officials.

The delegation expressed interest in local manufacturing and installation of wind mills. The delegates opined that such projects would not only produce energy but also create job opportunities and local production of technology.

Shangdong Swiss Electric Company Chairman Qizhi Zhang said China, Germany and Switzerland were partners in his company which was among the top global companies in the field.

“We want to set up a wind energy machinery manufacturing factory and wind power projects in Sindh,” he said.

The delegation included companies involved in textiles, poultry, housing, drainage and water supply.

Mr Uqaili said the Sindh government had formed special economic zones in Khairpur, Bin Qasim and Korani where investors were provided all required facilities.