10 New Indian Web Series You Should Really Binge-Watch

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It’s not a surprise or a secret for anyone that a lot of Indian movies, even ones made recently, look like they’re stuck in the past. There hasn’t been a ton of progress in India’s film industry for the past couple of decades. But just because most of India’s TV shows and movies are catering to the masses and perpetuating old stereotypes, it doesn’t mean there isn’t progress happening elsewhere. As per usual, when the big media companies refuse to change their ways, the talented people are more than happy to use the internet in order to achieve their creative goals and tell their stories. So if you’re up for watching some amazing Indian shows – look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 10 new Indian web series you should really binge-watch.

1. Official Chukyagiri
“Things don’t always go according to plan, especially when you’re an intern. But for Spandan Chukya, when nothing goes right, you take a left.”
Official Chutiyagiri is a web series about Sandan Chukya, who moves to Mumbai for an internship and all the struggles that come with that and how he deals with it.

2. Life Sahi Hai
If you love movies about people moving out and trying to live independently for the first time and all the ridiculous situations they get into – this is the perfect web series for you. Basically four dudes move out to New Delhi and adventures ensue.


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