How our Kids Sleep (Its Weird)

When Anton was born, he slept in our master bedroom for ages. We were nervous about moving him into Tobys roomwould they wake each other up every morning? how would their staggered bedtime routines work?and kept waiting to pull the trigger. A few readers have asked for an update on our sleeping situation, and Im happy to provide one, as long as you dont judge, haha…

O.K. Heres how it works…

We gave Anton his very own room…our second bathroom! (Insert cringing emoji here.) During the day, he shares the nursery with Toby when theyre playing, but for naps and bedtime, he cuddles up in his travel crib in the bathroom. We put a pillow between the crib and the toilet and plug in our trusty noise machine.


Funnily enough, Anton actually seems to like his little space. As soon as we carry him in there and begin singing You Are My Sunshine, hell immediately lean his head against our shoulders and start sucking his thumb. 🙂

Meanwhile, Toby has transitioned from the crib to the double bed in the nursery…

Since the bed is pretty high off the ground, we thought about buying rails, but then our friend Samantha had the best idea: a pool noodle! We tuck it under the flat sheet, and it keeps him super snug and secure. You can see the bump in the photo, above.

Im sure well move Anton into the bedroom soon enoughI think theres something wonderful about sharing a room with a siblingbut for now, this set-up actually works really well for us! Anton goes to bed at 7pm, while Toby goes to bed at 8pm, so we can spend the last hour reading books and singing songs in Tobys bed instead of in the living room; and every morning one of the boys invariably wakes up around 6am, while the other will sleep later, and we want to let each little guy get as much sleep as possible. (Heres a floor plan of our apartment, if you scroll down.)

What about you guys? Do your kids share a room? Did you share a room growing up? Have you ever tried a pool noodle? It would be great for traveling, too!

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