How to Give a Reflexology Foot Massage

A few years ago, a friend gave me a reflexology session as a gift, and I was looking forward to a good old foot rub. But I was surprised by how my entire body relaxedmore than during a full-body massage!and how refreshed and revitalized I felt leaving the salon. According to reflexology practitioners, reflex points on your feet and hands correspond to your whole body, so stimulating those points helps release tension and gives you a feeling of overall well-being.

Why not try it at home? Could be a fun date night, right? My friend and illustrator Erin Jang and I put together this super basic, just-for-fun reflexology chart. Look up your partners ailmentheadache? stuffy nose?and see if you can foot-massage it away:)

(Illustration by Erin Jang for Cup of Jo. Thanks, Erin!)