Pillow Talk

This past fall, when I was feeling bummed out, Alex and I started a tradition to try to cheer me up…

When we would lie down in bed at night, we each had to say:
* two things youre grateful for overall
* two little things you enjoyed that day
* one reason why youre glad youre married to the other person

It was so nice to end the day with this little chat, and we would tell each other anecdotes and compliments that we might not have otherwise. And it really was a pick-me-up! Even though Im (thankfully) starting to feel better now, were planning to keep it up.

Do you do anything like this? Gratitude journals are supposed to be awesome. (Here are six surprising tips about how to keep one.)

P.S. Encouragement and the no-complaining challenge.

(Photos from our friends cabin a while back)